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Étanche conformément aux normes IP67

doigts mobiles indépendants

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nouvelle conception

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adaptable individuellement

Customizable hand prosthesis


robuste Handprothese


Ostercamp 2024  Arbeiten wie Ingenieure.jpg

Vincent Systems GmbH participated in the "Working and thinking like engineers" program again this year. During the company visit, we offered interested students an insight into the world of hand prostheses in the areas of construction, electrical engineering and textile development. They not only had the opportunity to experiment with the prostheses, but also tried out the new virtual reality training system VINCENTvr. The VR system serves as an effective tool for rehabilitation and enables virtual mirror training in VR for the treatment of phantom limb pain.

Easter Camp 2024 - Working like engineers


customizable and waterproof hand prosthesis