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Wrist joints for adults and children  |  Standard, extra short, adjustable flexion  |  Low weight  |  Short length

 quicksnap  |  quicksnap+flexion  |  short  |  short+flexion

hand prosthesis wrist

VINCENTwrist quicksnap

The standard wrist joint makes it possible to quickly and easily attach and remove the hand prosthesis. The joint offers compatibility with other systems such as DynamicArm or Boston Digital Arm™. 

VINCENTwrist short

Our transcarpal joint convinces with its uniquely low mounting depth and is therefore also suitable for long arm stumps. In addition to the prosthesis-side joint, the shaft-side casting ring (24.7 g / 0.05 lb) is also particularly light. 

The standard wrist and the transcarpal joint can be rotated noiselessly and gridlessly. The force required for rotation can be individually adjusted for each user. Both wrists can be combined with the joint VINCENTwrist flexion that can be angled. 

VINCENTwrist flexion

The joint has a large range of movement and allows for flexion from -54° to +54°. lt is particularly suitable for bilateral users due to its switchless operation. The position is changed by pulling, moving and releasing. 

Our four wrist options are characterized by their low mounting depths. 

Due to the intelligent multi-material-mix, the wrists are particularly light and at the same time very robust and corrosion resistant.


 quicksnap | quicksnap+flexion

 short short+flexion

flex wrist hand prosthesis
Hand prosthesis with flexion wrist
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