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VINCENTpower flex USB-C 

Battery system hand prosthesis

USB-C Charger

The VINCENTpower flex USB-C makes it possible for the first time to charge a hand prosthesis easily via a USB port. What has been a matter of course for mobile devices of all kinds for many years is now also finding its way into prosthetics.

With its robust and simple handling, the USB-C charging port is the ideal charging access. The prosthesis wearer only needs one charger for his mobile devices such as prosthesis, smartphone, tablet PC-etc. In addition to the classic USB power supply, mobile energy storage devices such as our VINCENTpowerbank with a capacity of 10,000 mAh, but also solar cells or inductive charging systems can be used to charge the batteries. All commercially available cables or magnetic plugs offered for USB-C are compatible.

Charging via USB creates almost unlimited freedom of movement in terms of time and place for handling the prosthesis. You can focus on more important things than the next charging.


Flexible LiPo cells

The new battery system features LiPo cells whose shape can be adapted to the prosthesis stem. Unlike conventional LiPo cells, the individual cells, which were specially developed for this application and are only 4 mm high, can be plastically molded. They also differ from other battery cells in terms of their material and manufacturing process.

The moldable LiPo battery cells are produced exclusively for Vincent Systems GmbH according to our specifications. The design has been patented by our company. Development and production are always carried out, tested and certified according to all required standards.

Output voltage, protective circuit and polarity are identical to all common battery systems used in prosthetics. The 2-cell LiPo battery systems are compatible and safe to use with almost all hand prosthesis systems from common manufacturers available on the market - the only exceptions are hand systems or grippers with a higher battery voltage.

This product is also available for technicians who have not yet received a VINCENT certificate.

moldable batteries
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