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Waterproof to IP67  |  Modular design  |  Individually customizable  |  Single Finger Control 

Light and compact   |  Numerous grip types, selectable at any time  |  Available in titanium 

partial hand prosthesis

The VINCENTpartial3+ is the third generation of our prosthesis series for partial hand fittings with motor-driven single fingers and thumbs.

The VINCENTpartial3+ is the waterproof design variant of the VINCENTpartial3. Hand washing under running water is possible without any problems, provided that the design of the prosthesis shaft also permits this.

The prosthesis can be adapted to different fitting situations thanks to our modular system. The fingers, thumb, control unit and batteries can be placed individually to accommodate an anatomical reconstruction of the hand, as far as technically possible.

The fingers and thumb are attached to the prosthesis stem via a steel frame concept. This determines the hand width as well as the position and orientation of the fingers. Control can be done via EMG sensors using muscle tension or via tactile FSR sensors. Grasp selection and proportional control of the fingers follow our standardized control concept. Numerous different grips can be achieved by timed opening and closing signals as long as four long fingers and a thumb are used.  If fewer electrically operated fingers are used, the grasp types are reduced accordingly. Alternatively the Single Finger Control (SFC) method can be used to control as many as 5 fingers individually by up to 5 input sensors. This makes a more intuitive and faster usage of the prosthesis possible.

The fingers and thumb are made of a high-strength aluminum alloy. We also offer a special version in titanium. For a secure grasp, all components have a rubber coating. As with all our models, the index finger tip is touchscreen-compatible.

The particularly powerful, compact, and at the same time robust design of our partial hand prosthesis is unique and sets us apart from all other solutions. This makes the prosthesis particularly suitable for everyday use. High quality and outstanding design go without saying.

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