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Waterproof to IP68  |  Modular design  |  Individually customizable  |  Single Finger Control 

Light and compact   |  Numerous grip types, selectable at any time  |  Available in 25 colour combinations

Partial hand prosthesis

The functional prosthetic restoration of parts of the hand represents a particular technical challenge. The myoelectrically controlled partial hand prosthesis VINCNETpartial4 is specifically designed for these needs as it can be individually adapted to the care situation.


The VINCENTpartial4 is a hand prosthesis for partial hand restorations with motor-driven individual fingers and thumbs. Sensors and controls are miniaturized to such an extent that they can be placed directly on the back of the hand together with the malleable battery cells in order to achieve an anatomical reconstruction of the hand, as far as this is technically possible. Fingers and thumbs are attached to the prosthetic shaft using a steel frame concept. This specifies the width of the hand as well as the position and orientation of the fingers. The metacarpal arch can also be modeled. The control can be done via EMG sensors using muscle tension or via tactile force sensors. The battery system can be charged via a USB-C socket. If there is no socket available, you can also use a mobile power bank.

The grip selection and the proportional control of the fingers follow the uniform control concept of the VINCENT hand prostheses. Numerous different handles can be achieved using timed opening and closing signals, provided four long fingers and a thumb are used. If fewer electrically operated fingers are used, the number of grips is reduced accordingly.

Fingers and thumbs are made of a high-strength aluminum alloy or, as an even more robust special version, made of titanium. For a secure grip, all components have a rubber coating and the index fingertip is touchscreen compatible. The joints of all fingers and thumb are fully covered in every reachable position. This prevents objects from getting caught when opening the fingers and thumb.

Five different basic colors give the VINCENTpartial4 an individual and unique design. The colors black, white, pearl white, transparent and natural are available, each in combination with four different metal colors and titanium.

Waterproofness of the prosthesis

The motorized fingers of the VINCENTpartial4 are waterproof to IP68. Washing your hands under running water is possible without any problems, provided the design of the prosthetic socket also allows this. Sensors, controls and batteries must still be protected from water.

Single finger control

With single finger control, up to five fingers of the partial hand can be individually controlled using up to five input signals. This enables more intuitive and faster use of the prosthesis.

Teilprothese Finger
Teilprothese Finger
myoelektrische Teilhandprothese
Teilhandprothese Griffe
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