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VINCENTpartial passive

The passive partial hand system enables prosthetic reconstruction of a partial hand. It consists of functional passive finger and thumb prostheses that can be locked in place in one or two joints in different angular positions. The weight-optimized stainless steel joints with variable-length finger or thumb attachments are very robust and water-resistant. The variable-length finger or thumb sleeves are made of durable and stain-resistant HTV silicone.

The fingers are mounted directly to the stem with two screws coming from the stem or are aligned and fixed in position via various frame types made of stainless steel sheet and aluminum adapters.

The fingers can be equipped with one or two successive ratchet joints. The joints function in such a way that pulling in the distal finger direction releases the locking of the joint - positioning is now possible. Releasing the finger causes the joint to lock into the desired position.

In addition to the distal locking joint, the thumb has a proximal basic joint for lateral pivoting. The basic joint can be pivoted by 110° via friction locking, and the force required for this can be adjusted. The thumb is aligned and fixed in place by means of a frame plate and a threaded base plate, which can also be laminated directly into the stem.

All in all, VINCENTpartial passive is an easy-to-use, robust and functional passive finger and thumb system.

passive Hand prothesis
Finger für Handprothese
Daumen für Handprothese
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