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sport prosthesis

The VINCENTwork prosthesis system is an orthopedic aid for everyday work but also for competitive athletes.

In particular, training with heavy weights is an important training discipline in numerous sports. Previous fittings in the field of prosthetics were not designed for the high loads involved in competitive sports. The new prosthesis series makes it possible to train with weights of up to 200 kg. Snatching and alternating loads are also permitted without any problems at the maximum weights.

A special feature is the flexible wrist. This allows a movement compensation between the training weight and the forearm stem. The joint flexes in all directions in a damped manner and also allows unlimited rotation compensation. Shocks and tensile forces are elastically absorbed and damped. The concept allows improved, symmetrical training with both arms and thus supports a natural movement pattern. This not only makes training more efficient, but also less stressful for the joints and the entire musculoskeletal system.  

Equipped with a shock-absorbing, rotating and angle-compensating wrist, the sports prosthesis enables safe training without limits.

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