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Waterproof to IP67  |  Modern look  |  Anatomical design  |  High grip strength  |  Compact, lightweight, robust

Various wrist types |  Numerous grip types, selectable at any time  |  Easy to use  |  Available in four colors

hand prosthesis for children

With VINCENTyoung3+, we are introducing the third generation of the world's unique multi-articulating hand prosthesis for children and young adults.

Depending on the child’s individual development, use from the age of 8 is recommended. But even with adolescents, the anatomically shaped, particularly light hand can be the first choice. For young adults who have somewhat larger hands, the VINCENTevolution4 (size XS), which is about one centimeter longer, can also be considered.

Thanks to its lightweight construction, the prosthesis scores with its low weight (approx. 350 g) and robustness, which is extremely important for active everyday activities.

The VINCENTyoung3+ is waterproof to IP67. Hand washing under running water is possible without any problems, provided that the design of the prosthesis shaft also permits this.

In terms of finger strength, speed and an opening width of 80 mm, the functionality extends to that of the larger models. Three of the four motors in the hand move the long fingers independently of each other in the base joint, with the ring and little fingers moving together. The long fingers are designed to be immobile in the middle and end phalanx. From the middle joint onwards, a spring element extends to the fingertip, which supports an adaptive grip when holding objects.

The thumb is moved by the fourth motor independently of the fingers. The base of the thumb can be pivoted passively and laterally via a 90° joint.

An easy and quick-to-learn control system allows the user to select from 13 different grips using muscle signals. The specially tailored training app and learning games support children and young people in getting to know the control system, making the hand easy to operate after a short time.

The VINCENTyoung3+ is available in four color options: powder blue, black, blackberry and natural.

As with the VINCENTevolution4, the VINCENTyoung3+ also offers a choice of four wrist variants. The hand can be worn with a textile cosmetic glove from GF. glove factory UG. However, it is usually used without a glove, because: It “just looks cool”. 

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