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VINCENTvr  VR based training system

VINCENTvr Trainingssystem

Vincent Systems harnesses the potential of virtual reality (VR) not only for hand prostheses but also for their exoskeleton systems. Using VR as a training system, individuals can practice controlling and maneuvering the exoskeleton or prosthesis, allowing them to become familiar with its functionality in a virtual environment before using it in real-life situations.

Furthermore, VR serves as an effective tool for rehabilitation. By creating virtual scenarios that mimic daily activities, patients can undergo targeted training sessions, improving their motor skills and enhancing their ability to perform tasks.

Additionally, virtual mirror training in VR for phantom limb pain treatment enables users to visualize the movement of their impaired limbs in conjunction with their healthy hand’s motions. This helps patients retrain their neural pathways, facilitating the integration of the exoskeleton into their body schema and promoting a more intuitive and natural movement. By immersing patients in virtual environments and providing sensory feedback, the system helps alleviate the sensation of pain in the absent limb.

Vincent Systems' integration of VR into exoskeleton and prosthesis training, rehabilitation, and mirror training offers a comprehensive solution for individuals seeking to enhance their mobility and regain independence. The combination of cutting-edge technology and immersive experiences paves the way for improved outcomes in the field of prosthesis and orthosis control as well as rehabilitation.

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Trainingssystem für Prothesen
Handprothesen Training
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