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World leader at all levels

water resistant hand prosthesis

The world's first waterproof hand prosthesis according to IP68

(protection against prolonged submersion)

costomizable prosthesis

The world's only hand prosthesis in 5 sizes and 25 colour combinations

robust hand prosthesis

The world's only prosthetic hand with a complete skeleton made of aluminum or titanium

lightest hand prosthesis

The world's lightest multi-articular hand prosthesis

easy operation prosthesis

The world's most intuitive hand prosthesis, in which all grasp types are controlled by muscle signals


The world's first and so far only hand prosthesis with sense of touch

Vincent hand

Precision and quality
The fourth generation of our hand prostheses, VINCENTevolution4, builds on the successful drive concept of VINCENTevolution3, with further improvements in gripping force and speed. The precision of the grips, the aesthetics and the quality of the hand are outstanding.

Sophisticated control system
A unique feature is the patented single-trigger control system, which allows all grip types to be controlled uniquely and reliably with fine sensitivity via the muscles alone. The hand does not need buttons on the back of the hand, motion controls or a smart device to select a function or grip. These types of control often take too long in practice, so the desired grips will be performed more quickly by the natural hand.
In contrast, all movements and handle changes of the VINCENTevolution4 are controlled exclusively and directly by the muscles of the prosthesis wearer and are therefore completely independent of the opposing natural hand or second prosthesis. The absence of buttons and the simplicity of the control system allow the user to safely control the prosthesis from any movement and in any situation and to achieve any grip change quickly and without errors. The prosthesis can thus optimally assist the opposite hand and thus contribute its full potential to everyday life.

Uncompromisingly waterproof
We have been able to implement many innovations with the new generation of hands. For example, the VINCENTevolution4 is the world's first hand prosthesis to achieve the IP68 degree of protection, which means it is uncompromisingly waterproof against continuous submersion up to a maximum of 1.5 meters for a maximum of 30 minutes, with no restrictions on the salt or chlorine content or the quality of the water.

Elastic fingers
The gel encapsulated fingers run more smoothly and the flexible mounting of the finger base joints allows the fingers to be squeezed together naturally when the hand is slightly spread. This not only makes the hand feel more natural, but the flexibility of the fingers also makes them much more robust and resistant to all kinds of stress.

Adaptive shell
For the first time, the shell of the metacarpus consists almost entirely of an elastic, high-strength material. The soft surface and its excellent adaptive properties significantly improve both the feel and the grip. In particular, the soft knuckles relieve the hand during support and extend the service life of the optionally available lifelike textile-based cosmetic gloves. A special innovation is also the completely dust-tight covering of the finger and thumb base joints. All openings of the hand have been closed by space-saving visor-like joint solutions. The optimized finger and thumb tips have been given finger nails and flattenings that enable even more precise gripping. The index finger is touch-screen compatible in the proven manner.

Control with up to four muscles
For the first time, a hand prosthesis has an integrated four-channel control system that allows up to four EMG sensors to be connected directly to the hand. The user can choose between two control variants: the single-signal control, in which all grips can be reached without problems and errors with only one switching signal, or the multi-channel control, in which several switching signals can be used to directly control the different grips. Controlling a bionic hand prosthesis has never been so easy and safe.

Sensitive sense of touch
A vibrotactile sense of touch has been integrated as standard in all VINCENT hand prostheses since VINCENTevolution1. The patented feedback of touch and gripping force provides the user with tactile information about finger strength through gentle coded vibrations of the hand, which are transmitted to the prosthesis shaft, and thus a feeling for the artificial hand. Gripping even fragile objects or sensitive control of the gripping force even without a direct eye contact to the object expand the options for the user. The extended hand feedback also stimulates the user's sensorimotor cortex, which can help reduce phantom limb pain.

Tastes are different
Five different basic colors give the VINCENTevolution4 an individual and unique design. The colors black, white, pearl white, transparent and natural are each available in combination with four different metal colors and titanium. 25 color combinations can be put together. A color change of the colored silicone parts is possible at any time.

Less is more
The smallest version of the VINCENTevolution4 XS weighs only approx. 390 g, making it not only the smallest and most stable multi-articulating hand prosthesis with 6 motors currently available, it is also by far the lightest.

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