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Vincent hand

The fourth generation of our hand prosthesis series, the VINCENTevolution4, builds on the successful drive concept of the VINCENTevolution3 and is in no way inferior to it in terms of grasping force and speed.

We were able to implement many innovations with the new hand generation. For example, the prosthesis is uncompromisingly waterproof, the gel-cast fingers run more smoothly and the flexible bearing of the base joints of the fingers allows the fingers to be pressed together naturally with a slightly spread hand. This makes the hand even more esthetically pleasing, significantly more robust and it feels pleasant to the touch.

For the first time, the metacarpus cover consists almost entirely of an elastic material. This improves the haptics and also the grip security. In particular, the soft knuckles take the strain off the hand while supporting it and extend the useful life of textile cosmetic gloves. A special innovation is the completely dust-tight covering of the finger and thumb base joints. All openings of the hand have been closed by space-saving visor-like joint solutions. The optimized finger and thumb tips have been given fingernails for even more precise gripping. The index finger is touchscreen-compatible in the proven manner.

For the first time, a prosthetic hand has an integrated four-channel control system that allows up to four EMG sensors to be connected directly to the hand. The user can choose between two control options: Single-signal control, where all grips can be reached easily and without error via just one switching signal, or multi-channel control, where multiple switching signals can be used to directly control the different grips. - Controlling a bionic hand prosthesis has never been as easy and safe.


The artificial sense of touch, which gives the prosthesis wearer a feeling of gripping power through gentle vibrations of the hand, completes the picture of the new hand.

Five different basic colours give the VINCENTevolution4 an individual and unique design. The colours black, white, pearl white, transparent and natural are available in combination with four different metallic colours and titanium. 25 colour combinations can be mixed and matched. A colour change of the coloured silicone parts is possible at any time.

The lightest version of the VINCENTevolution4 weighs only approx. 390 g.