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All our products are registered and protected by the following United States patents: 

US8491666: VINCENTevolution1, VINCENTevolution3, VINCENTevolution3+, VINCENTevolution4, VINCENTevolution5, VINCENTpartial3, VINCENTpartial3+, VINCENTpartial4, VINCENTyoung3, VINCENTyoung3+

US9072616: VINCENTevolution2, VINCENTpartial2, VINCENTyoung2


and by the following German and European patents:

DE102014011554, DE102017005765, DE102016014090, DE102017010840, DE102017007794, DE102008056520, DE202014003565, DE202017000172, DE102017005761, DE102017005762,  DE102017005764, EP2364129 and others.

Patente Vincent Systems
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