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VINCENTevolution3 / 3+

Modern look  |  4-channel control  |  Anatomical design  |  Higher grip force   |  Compact, lightweight, robust

Numerous grasps  |  Various wrist types  |  Easy operation without additional aids  |   Optionally available in titanium

The third generation of the hand prosthesis series, VINCENTevolution3 features a multi-award-winning anatomical design concept and the proven control strategy of VINCENTevolution2. At the same time, it scores with twice the grip strength of its predecessor model, millimeter precision between the thumb and index finger, and an overall higher load-bearing capacity of the hand. The wearing comfort of the VINCENT hand series also stands out in the new model series due to the low prosthesis weight.

The most striking innovation was achieved in terms of dimensions. While VINCENTevolution2 was only available in size M, VINCENTevolution3 anatomically reproduces all the usual sizes of an adult hand in sizes XS, S, M, L and XL. Sizes S and XS are currently the smallest multi-articulating hand prostheses on the market and could already be suitable for children and adolescents.

The basic version of the VINCENTevolution3 is available in a stable aluminum alloy or optionally with finger components made of high-strength titanium. In addition, prosthesis wearers can choose between four different wrist options.

Like all VINCENT prostheses, the third generation is equipped with a vibrotactile sense of touch and gesture-controlled handle selection. The hand can be worn in combination with a textile cosmetic glove from GF. glove factory UG, silicone or without a glove.

NEW: VINCENTevolution3+

The VINCENTevolution3+ is the waterproof design variant of the VINCENTevolution3. Hand washing under running water is possible without any problems, provided that the design of the prosthesis stem also permits this.


An already purchased VINCENTevolution3 with splash water protection IP64 can be upgraded to a VINCENTevolution3+ with protection against temporary submersion IP67 at any time.

- Contact your service technician for more information.

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